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Stash & Disguise Accessories

Many products to conceal, confuse, and keep small and large hands away from important things.
stealth, disguised
Stash & Disguise Accessories
Camouflage Products
Camouflage Products

A whole series of products that are not what they are: CD? No, it is a Scale, a Cigarette? No, it is a Pipe or a Snorter, Credit Card? No are actually Rolling Papers......
Smell Proof
Smell Proof

How to make your stash smell proof?1. Put your stuff in a smell-proof bag2. Wash your hands3. Put the smell-proof in bigger zip-bags and fill it with some spice, coffee or any natural scent. Hint: Do ...
Stash Accessories
Stash Accessories

Here you will find a series of articles designed to confuse, where you can hide the important things. The Perfect Place to Conceal your Valuables in Plain Sight....
Smellproof Credit Card Zip Bag, Masterkush Minibag
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Smellproof Credit Card Zip Bag
Stash Pendant Christian Cross, stash necklace, snuff necklace, Cocaine necklace, fillable holy cross coke
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Stash Pendant Christian Cross
Stash Necklace Anchor, stash necklace, snuff necklace, Cocaine necklace, coke
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Stash Necklace Anchor
Stash Necklace Christian Cross, stash necklace, snuff necklace, Cocaine necklace, coke
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Stash Necklace Christian Cross
Stash Necklace, stash necklace, snuff necklace, Cocaine necklace, coke
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Stash Necklace
Stash Travel Mug, false, disguise, fake
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Stash Travel Mug
Belt with Hidden Zipped Pocket, Antitheft Beltwallet, Belt Secure Wallet, Stash Belt
Belt with Hidden Zipped Pocket
Stash Necklace Battery, stash necklace, snuff necklace, Cocaine necklace, coke
Stash Necklace Battery
Stash Diamond-Marker Pen, marker pen, fineliner, marking pen, felt-tip marker, felt-tip pen, flow, marker or texta, sketch pen
Stash Diamond-Marker Pen
Car Magnetic Hidden Storage, magnetic stash boxes, Car Stash Container
Car Magnetic Hidden Storage
Car Waterproof Hidden Storage, stash boxes, Car Stash Container
Car Waterproof Hidden Storage
Bullet Stash Container with Carabiner, Metal cylinder with Carabiner
Bullet Stash Container with Carabiner
Fire Extinguisher Stash Hider, Stashcan, Fire extinguisher safe
Fire Extinguisher Stash Hider
Stash Pepsi Bottle 710ml, false coke bottle, disguise water bottle, fake pepsi bottle
Stash Pepsi Bottle 710ml
Car Magnetic Stash Container, magnetic stash box, Super Magnetic Safe
Car Magnetic Stash Container
Stash Toilet Brush, False WC Brush, Safe Toilett Brush
Stash Toilet Brush
Stash Lens, False Camera Lens, Camera Objective Safe
Stash Lens
Wall Lamp Stash Hider, Closet Safe Light
Wall Lamp Stash Hider
Smellproof Cassette Tape Printed Zip Bag,
Smellproof Cassette Tape Printed Zip Bag
Stash Comet Bleach 700ml,
Stash Comet Bleach 700ml
Stash Beer Barrel, False Can Heineken 5liter, large stash tin, largest, large safe stashes, Heineken Mini-Keg
Stash Beer Barrel
Stash Can Beer, False Can Heineken, Budweiser
Stash Can Beer
Stash Can with Liquid, False Can, Coke Safe
Stash Can with Liquid
Wall Clock with Hidden Safe, Stash Wall Clock, big clock with stash compartment
Wall Clock with Hidden Safe
Pillcase Lipstick, stash pillbox, lipgloss
Pillcase Lipstick
Stash Bolt, safebolt, safe nutbolt, Spybolt
Stash Bolt
Working Stash Torch,
Working Stash Torch
Mobile Phone Scale 500/0.1g, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale
Mobile Phone Scale 500/0.1g
Pop Corn - Stash Household Produts,
Pop Corn - Stash Household Produts
Stash Hammer, safe hammer, hammer with hideaway
Stash Hammer
Stash Screwdriver,
Stash Screwdriver
Spam 340g Stash Box,
Spam 340g Stash Box
Stash Battery - AA,
Stash Battery - AA
Stash Pringles,
Stash Pringles
Stash Shaving Brush,
Stash Shaving Brush
Stash Chain Lube,
Stash Chain Lube
Car Cigarette Lighter Pill Box, secret lighters, stash car lighter
Car Cigarette Lighter Pill Box
iPhone Scale 500/0.1g, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale
iPhone Scale 500/0.1g
Mobile Phone Scale 550/0.1g,
Mobile Phone Scale 550/0.1g
Mouse Scale 100/0.01g, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale
Mouse Scale 100/0.01g
Scale 1000/0.1g w. Magnifier, Hidden Scale
Scale 1000/0.1g w. Magnifier
Stash Can, false can
Stash Can

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